Our goal is to share this documenary as weekly video updates (totaling 56 episodes) that will last anywhere from 15-30 minutes through TIKTOK lives, Instagram, and a dedicated YouTube Channel. There will also be times were we will go live from events such as trade shows, meetings with retailers, traveling for business, and times to answer all your burning questions about our journey or for business tips!

I really hope that you join me and my family along for this crazy rollercoaster known as Entrepenuership!


Have you always wanted to know what it really takes to start a business?

Join me in my journey/goal to be able leave my full time job and take my "side hustle" into a full fledge business within one year!

You will see the REAL story, not shown on social media, about what it takes to learn, start, grown, and expand a business. You will share in the excitement, the joys, and the pains of what every REAL entrepenuer goes through taking their ideas from the beginning stages and trying to make their dreams become a reality.

The purpose of this documentary is to provide an inside look at the perserverance entrepenuers have to have and what kind of toll entrepenuership takes physically, mentally, and emotionally on some who is a husband, dad, son, brother, friend, and human being.

In addition we want this documentary to be used as an education tool as a do's and don'ts sort of training and hopefully throughout this it will inspire you to live out your dreams and take the leap in to entrepenuership and see how rewarding this life can really be.

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There are several reasons we are waiting until January 2023 to start this documentary. Since we are already a functioning "side hustle"/product we are trying to expand further into the promotional product space and retail space. Promotional product trade shows kick off the very first week of January AND continue over several months throughout 2023. In additional to that we selling sponsorship opportunities to help us expand the product further in both the promotional product industry AND the retail side. This time frame will also allow us to continue building our social media followings and inventory prepairing for an amazing year and documentary! If you have the availability we are looking for financial support below. Feel free to find a reward that fits you, WE ARE GRATEFUL FOR ANY BLESSINGS YOU PROVIDE!


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- Money raised will be used to fulfill pledge rewards, banners, signage, equipment, salaries for employees, advertising, and other business related expenses.