Welcome to the ALL NEW RiceTech LLC
Welcome to the ALL NEW RiceTech LLC
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Our Story

"We create innovative products that save people TIME & MONEY!"

We were created for the family and people that budgets and doesn't have extra money for rainy days. We started our company for the people that like to save money and the people that like to save time! We are built for you!!!!



We got our start in 2019 with the help of Mercer Universities' Mercer Innovation Center (MIC). We, along with other businesses and hopefuls from around the area, pitched our business ideas to Mercer's Innovation board to receive help and resources from the university to start and run our businesses. We were 1 out of the 4 selected as Mercers incoming "Fellows" that was awarded space and funding to run and start the business!

From this we have learned a lot of lessons and continue to grow and define who we are as a company. One thing is for sure, we want to help our community by providing jobs and education to help improve our town!



Since 2019, we have grown and developed our Brand from Angled, a customizable charger protector that the everyday person can use to now offering personalized branding for business through the same product being used as a promotional item. We manufacture these items in the United States in our office in Middle Georgia. We source ALL of our materials including the plastic, glow in the dark material, image printing, and packaging from US companies most of which are in the middle GEORGIA area. We are currently working to expand our product listing as we grow so make sure to sign up for our newsletter or follow us on social media to stay in touch!



You can buy our products directly from this site. We also work with distributors around the US and more are coming soon!