Promotional Charger Protector

Why Our Custom Charger Protector?
In terms of branding, the most valuable real estate in the world is on someone's mobile device. The average person spends 2 hours and 40 minutes charging their phone every day and an estimated 20 minutes of that charging time is spent with the phone in their hand. This translates to 7,300 minutes of FACETIME your logo/brand gets in front of a client per year!!! That's direct advertising on average of 730 times per customer per year for less than $0.01 per impression. Compare that to the standard promotional item that cost around $1, which has 1 impression and ends up in the trash.  Our product Optimizes reach and turn chargers into a billboard in the car, at the office, or at home.
✓ Customers will see clients logo 730 per year
✓ Cost less than $0.01 per impression
✓ Saves clients customers money
✓ Glows in the Dark
✓ Durable
✓ Universal fit
✓ Exclusively through RiceTech LLC
Retail Pricing Information
Quantity Suggested Retail
100 units $5.31 (Q) Each
500 units $5.24 (Q) Each
1000 units $5.17 (Q) Each
2500 units $4.89 (Q) Each
5000 units $4.44 (Q) Each
$50 Setup Fee + Shipping
Distributor Discount CODE
All Pricing (Q)
Product Material
Polypropylene/TPE plastic
Imprint Type
Vinyl Laminated sticker
Imprint Area
0.75 - 0.60 Inches in diameter
Customizable Items
- Logo on the front of the product
- Custom Color on the front bottom of Backer Card
- Custom text on front bottom of Backer Card
Please include Name, Logo, Quantity, Shipping information, Billing Information
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