During our manufacturing process we we create "waste" plastic which is leftover from the manufacturing process or parts that are not usable. We shred the parts down and reuse them in the manufacturing process which helps eliminate approx. 90% of our plastic that would normally be thrown away.

  • Reusing/recycling Boxes

    Although they may not look pretty, these boxes still have a purpose! Our UGLY BOXES brand was created to help save trees and forest. By reusing old boxes, we can save HUNDREDS of trees over a 1 year time span!

    IF a box is ever too damaged to reused a great idea is to remove ALL tape and labels and use the boxes as a weed barrier in your garden or flower beds. Over time the box will break down into soil and provide nutients to your plants.

    Feel free to contact us and find out how your business can untilize our UGLY BOXES brand to help your customers know that you are making a positive impact for the enviroment!